Cut The Rope Game

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In Cut The Rope you control a cute little green monster and your objective is to cut the rope that’s holding your precious candy bar!

In the start of each new round, you have to decide which rope to cut, in order for the candy bar to get released eventually. Cutting the wrong ropes will cause the candy to fall on the floor, so there’s a lot of thinking involved!

As you move further in the game, it gets harder and harder! Cutting each rope creates a different realistic outcome because Cut The Rope Game uses an engine that imitates real life physics. Not only that, but you encounter monsters along the way – so watch out!

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Cut The Rope Features:

Feed The Hungry Om-Nom Monster Tasty Candy! Avoid Scary Black Spiders and other evil enemies! Use gravity and physics laws and common sense when you cut ropes to guide your candy to the om nom. Pay attention to sharp wires, electrical traps and magic hats! Collect all the stars!

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A New exciting version including the Wacky Professor, funky laboratory tools and off course more rope cutting and countless hours of fun! A must have expansion pack for Om Nom fans!

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